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Jul 08th

Life is an Open Secret



"Dapatkan buku motivasi yang mampu memberikan inspirasi dan mengubah persepsi diri."


About the Author


Zabrina A. Bakar, also known as Sis Zabrina, is a motivational writer and columnist in both print and online media across the globe, whose work has appeared in the United States of America , Canada , the United Kingdom , Egypt and Brunei Darussalam. She has also contributed to anthologies published in the USA and the UK .

Although Zabrina has been writing since the age of seven, her professional writing career bloomed when she started blogging in March, 2006. From a humble beginning as an IT-challenged person, her blog now has visitors from over 97 countries, boasting readership from men and women of diverse ages, races, cultures and faiths.

Zabrina attributes her balanced view of life to her doting parents, who sent her to Bukit Bintang Girls School in Kuala Lumpur for her primary education before she joined Sekolah Menengah Agama Persekutuan Labu during her high school days. After that, she attended the International Islamic University Malaysia , where she obtained a Bachelor of Accountancy as well as an MBA. Currently, Zabrina is completing her Doctorate in Business Administration at the University of Newcastle, Australia, where the focus of her studies is on knowledge management and storytelling.

With a bubbly and charming personality, Sis Zabrina is always excited and optimistic about life and has developed a sharp eye in looking at life challenges from fascinatingly unique perspectives.

The first of her new series of motivational books, Life is an Open Secret, contains 18 secrets of life that delight readers with stories aiming to trigger self-confidence, positive actions, and love for success in both our material and spiritual lives. An additional bonus story from Zabrina’s blog has also been included.

Sis Zabrina brilliantly blends issues from personal experiences with family, career and community with such elegance that readers are hooked from beginning to end. Her exceptional skill in tackling serious issues with mind-boggling questions and ability to state the obvious with wit and humor, all without losing the substance of the subject matter, has made Sis Zabrina’s motivational and inspirational stories well-received internationally, thus carrying the brand name of Life Storyteller.

She truly believes in the words of Inayat Khan below…

~ Words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels

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